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Lose Weight & look your best
Stop Smoking & change bad habits
� Increase Self-Worth
� Resolve Relationship Conflicts
� Accelerate Your Business
� Make Difficult Life Decisions Easily         

Don has the expertise to help you make the desired changes you want in your life effortlessly and easily! 
When you attend one of Don's live events, it is an experience like none you have had before.  Don blends his vast experience and knowledge, with humor and intuition to "see" exactly what is going on in you, call you on it, process you through it, and get you the results you have been seeking, yet have been unable to attain.  Don is relentless in his pursuit to help you breakthrough the layers of hurt, pain, and faulty beliefs that have restricted you from knowing your true purpose and potential.  You will interact with yourself and others in ways that enable you to see yourself where you will suddenly gain choices and awareness that you could not, and would not, have been able to see, feel, or know before.  Don's philosophy is "Everything happens for a reason and occurs at the right time." 

"21 Days to the New You" Teleconference
In this program, "Twenty-One Days to the New You", Don will show you how to effortlessly alter the
habits and routines that subconsciously restrict you from your success. He'll also help you to build a self-image that is based on your future self rather than your past history. By connecting with who you
would be if you had what you want, and learning the formula for rapidly transforming your old habits
into habits and routines that are in alignment with your future self, you will find that change can be
easier than you ever imagined. This class meets weekly with Don on a designated teleconference line.


Metamorphosis: a change of physical form, structure, or substance, esp. by supernatural means. A striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances. A marked and more or less abrupt change in the form or structure of an animal occurring subsequent to birth or hatching
- Webster's Dictionary
                                                                                                                                               This is a two and half day training which will allow you to make the personal changes you desire in your life such as losing weight, stop smoking, maximize business and personal relationships, alter bad memories, release old emotional pain, learn to face phobias, and to gain the POWER to change all aspects of your life! This program is designed to unlock the potential that YOU have and break through the fears that stop you from living your life to the fullest!!! Don combines his knowledge and twenty-five plus years of experience in Psychology, Hypnosis, and Neurolinguistic Programming in his own unique way. He has worked with over 500,000 people and has helped them transform their lives. You will laugh, cry, and be amazed as Don uses his amazing  intellect to teach the skills that dramatically alter the way his students view their lives. He uses powerful hypnotic and visualization processes to help you achieve the success in your  life whether it is professionally, personally, or both.

Impact: The Power of Transformational Leadership                      In this six day process you will learn from Donald S. Wolfe and other world class presenters on how to become a transformational leader.  Learn to leverage your life and the lives of others by integrating the crucial mindsets, skill sets, and perceptions of the transformational leader.  This course will have three areas of focus. 

1.  Transformational leadership:  reasons, roles, rules, and requirements.

2.  Transformational teaching:  unveiling, igniting, and activating the answers, truths, purpose, and talent in others.

3.  Transformational change:  altering, upgrading, installing, integrating, and accelerating new programming in oneself and others.            

  • You will be taught the secrets to add sizzle to every presentation whether it is one on one or in a group.
  • You will learn presentation techniques and coaching skills to lift yourself and others to levels of optimal performance.
  • Discover how to help yourself, your employees, your students, and your loved ones to rapidly remove any blocks and barriers to health, wealth, and happiness.
  • You will experience three breakthrough stretches guaranteed to shift you to the next level.
  • Bonus:  On one day of the course, Don will take a group of challenged, at risk teens, who don't want to be there and turn them around.  The proprietary formula, techniques, and skills will e practiced with course participants (past grads have found this day alone to e worth the entire course).
This training will profoundly increase your own self worth and self esteem as you                   develop the skills necessary to transform and IMPACT any audience. Ideal for managers, business owners, teachers, and all those needing to lead and direct others.                       

Winkids                                                                                      The Win Kids Program is a three day training in which you will learn to facilitate a powerful course designed by Don Wolfe, M.A., and best selling author, Robert Allen. This course teaches how to create unlimited self esteem for kids of all ages. Upon successful completion of the requirements of this course you will be certified to present this program to schools, organizations, and to the public.

The Corporate Metamorphosis

A specially tailored course designed to transform your entire company. If you own or run a small to mid size company, Don will customize this training to dramatically change the corporate culture, morale, vision and momentum form the top down. There is no other corporate training using Don's formula for rapidly transforming your entire company mindset.                                                                             


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