The Art Of Change

In  realm of  learning, there is a huge difference between the acquisition of new information, and the application of that information to achieve desired results.
Most education is at best, informational.
This means new data is received by our brain, and then processed through the familiar ways by which we have learned to learn. 
We put the data "in form" that fits with our built in bias, preset limitations, and
current version of oneself. 
Change that occurs with this mode of learning is remedial,  meaning it may temporarily remedy a current conflict, yet the underlying source(s) still exists.
The same parameters for defining the situation are used to determine its resolution!  One can therefore only imagine the future, based on what is known to be real from the past.

A higher quality and level of learning is produced when the processing of new data shifts from "informational", to 'transformational'. Transformational  learning  occurs  when  the mind of the person learning, is simultaneously changing.  This type of learning enables new thought to rapidly, and deeply penetrate the critical barriers of the mind that previously defined and confined it. This in turn, produces a compounding effect, called Generative Change:
Change that positively advances multiple areas of ones life progressively and exponentially!

Transformation of this magnitude requires a proven formula, a
specialized talent, and a unique strategy.
Don Wolfe is one of the few people on the planet that understands, and knows how to use this powerful formula for leveraged impact, and compound growth!

Allow me to move you to the edge of your current level of understanding, and then a few steps further...
Here you'll find the elusive changes you seek, and discover new answers to the critical questions seldom asked.             

Here, you'll advance in ways you didn't know you really needed, for desired outcomes you couldn't know you truly

And from this place of greater vision, I will guide, nudge, move, push, cajole, direct, lead, inspire, and elevate your capacity to rapidly achieve, extraordinary results.


Donald Wolfe, M.A. . . .

Is an innovator, inventor and ingenious leader. He is gifted in his ability to take the complex and make it simple. He turns problems into opportunities and transforms insights into action. He is an internationally known motivational speaker recognized for his ability to assist people in making difficult changes with breakthrough results. 

Don has a M.A. in Psychology. He is a Certified Hypnotist, Master Teacher, Family Therapist, NLP Trainer, and Corporate Consultant. He draws his experience from over  26 years research and development in the fields of family therapy, systems theory, education, visual imagery, mental conditioning, martial arts, behavioral change therapy, personal development seminars, entrepreneurial ventures, business consulting, sales, marketing, philosophy, professional acting and life lessons. 

He has trained and taught with the leaders in the fields of peak performance, wealth education, psychology, hypnosis, NLP, direct marketing, metaphysics, and global thinking.

Don was instrumental in the early research and development of NLP , and worked directly with Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson, and Gregory Bateson.  He has also has shared the stage with leading motivational trainers and best selling authors such as Robert Allen, Dennis Waitley, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracey, Jay Abraham, Robert Kiyosaki, and John Burley. 

Don has a unique talent of taking any group of people and creating a context where healing, humor, learning, sharing, transformation, and appreciation naturally flourish.      When you attend one of Don's live events, it is an experience like none you have had before.  Don blends his years of experience, knowledge, and expertise, with humor and intuition to "see" exactly where you are stuck, call you on it, process you through it, and get you the results you have been seeking, yet unable to attain. Don is         relentless in his mission to help you breakthrough the layers of hurt, pain,    and faulty beliefs that have restricted you from knowing your true purpose  and potential.  You will interact with yourself and others in ways that enable you to see yourself and life challenges from a new perspective and identity.     He will help you to step outside of yourself where you will suddenly gain choices and awareness that you could not, and would not, have been able to   see, feel, or know before.  Don's philosophy is that there is a Higher Intelligence within to be tapped, beyond our current understanding. "Everything happens for a reason and happens at the right time. Even when it  appears to be otherwise.  When you can recognize the purpose for your journey up to now, you gain immense power for the next phase of your life."  Maybe there is a  reason that you are reading this right now!

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