Those at the top
of their game, business, or profession, know their thoughts and actions have higher value, and greater impact. Improvement at this level, often requires the aid of a skilled expert, of equal intelligence and caliber.
  As a Corporate Seer, Don is able to clearly grasp the reality of your Vision, and then advance it to the next level. Don will help you to see what you wouldn't see, and do what you couldn't  do, producing results that are far beyond your current projections.

Elite Business Training, and Consulting Services

Corporate Seer Assessment
-- 1)overall assessment of your primary business assets, liabilities, existing and potential profit centers and drainers  2)creating a plan for the installation and implementation of business upgrades 

C.E.O. Coaching -- the demands of a C.E.O. can cause overwhelm, inhibition, and under performance resulting from multiple factors. These sessions are focused on identifying, resolving, and eliminating the most detrimental influences. 

Business Shape-shifting -- small group training and coaching for business owners, and executives of small to midsized companies

Marketing-piece Impact -- specialized consulting session focused on the content and delivery of your marketing pieces

Optimal Performance Coaching -- individualized consulting for changes relating to personal blocks, barriers, behaviors, habits, fears, etc.

Relationship Coaching -- specialized consulting to clarify the nature, purpose, role, rules, communication styles, values and probable relationship outcome

Conflict Mediation -- specialized consulting relating to business negotiations, executive conflicts, employee management, departmental conflict, intellectual property, and family discord                      

Radio Interview
-- a tailored interview or infomercial designed to promote awareness of your product and the increase sales.
Don has the ability to bring out the special elements in you and your business in a powerful, genuine, lighthearted manner, with an unstaged, unrehearsed feel to it

Vision coaching -- individualized consulting for entrepreneurs, leaders, CEO's, visionaries, and inventors

Presenter's Edge--  specialized consulting sessions to "transformationalize" the content, style, and delivery of your presentation and trainings

Tailored Trainings--  take your seminar presenters and information to the next level, by creating and choreographing a "transformational training". Don will weave and blend proprietary processes, mindset frames, and techniques that produce optimal audience absorption, and spontaneous outbursts of laughter, insight, and outrageousness.  Participants will learn more, do more with what they learn, buy more of what you are selling, and want more of what you offer! Leverage the impact of you efforts.

Intellectual Property Advancement--
specialized consulting designed to help clarify, refine, and advance your proprietary concept, idea, or invention.

The above services typically require a fee or retainer, plus a percentage of the increase in gross revenue, directly resulting from Don's work. This is clearly defined at the onset of consulting and training sessions.

Public Seminars and Courses

Audio and Video Products


Radio shows