A tribute to those in pursuit of a Vision

Since this website is in essence an attempt to convince you as to why you should vote for me (by my products and utilize my expertise), I decided to pay tribute to the candidates running for office of President, who are so bold and virtuous, as to endeavor such a lofty vision, and endure the grueling process required to pursue the calling, for becoming the next president of the United States of America.  And to further have to engage in the daunting task of convincing the American voters that they are indeed, the right person for the job!  With that in mind, here is my noble attempt to convince you to vote for me as your next, and quite possibly most important ally in the pursuit and achievement of your own Vision and dreams.

Dear friends and business associates, past and future, if you decide to vote for me as your teacher, mentor, coach, guide, or confident, I promise to provide you with the highest degree of expertise, integrity, value, commitment, and sincerity.  I will endeavor to provide for our exchange something of value to you far greater than the price you paid to acquire it.  I will only offer claims of that which I know from experience to be possible, and that for which I have the conviction to deem achievable.  And if I fall short of my clearly defined and mutually agreed to objectives, I will perform the actions necessary, in order to remedy the situation in such a way that eventually deems the perceived disappointment as that of a stepping stone to greater respect, profit, and appreciation.

 I vow to do business only with those who intuitively recognize the immense benefit I can bring to their professional and personal life, and to be honest, genuine, and forthright, in communicating the possibilities and limitations of our relationship, as well as to respectfully turn away those with whom I sense are not yet ready for my level of expertise, worthy of my kindness and generosity, or are in some way incompatible with my style values or philosophy. I can not promise to be at all times and in all situations, the exemplar of professionalism, and model for the higher principles I espouse, however I can assure you that should you elect to honor me by casting forth your Visa, MasterCard, check, or wallet, and I should accept your nomination and agree to transact business with you, then I will exceed yours and my own expectations, for creating an enriching, lasting, and fulfilling business relationship. Thank you in advance for your patronage.  May God bless you, and may God bless America.

Donald Wolfe