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"Beyond Outside The Box"

with Don Wolfe, innovator extraordinaire

Being a visionary, an intellectual purist, and a truth-seeker, I strive to present information that is fresh, original, provocative, and cutting edge. I have to feel that the material to be presented, is so profound, that I would pay me more than anyone else, to hear what I am teaching!  I must author the material I teach, and design all training processes I conduct, so that I have total conviction in its validity.   Recent events in my life have brought me new distinctions, and a new-found passion to share the most  exciting body of knowledge I have encountered to date!

The phrase "think outside the box" is an often used cliche to illustrate the viewing of a problem, a concept, an event, or a situation from a higher-level perspective. It is from this vantage point that seemingly non-existent answers, solutions, equations, strategies, inventions, interventions, innovations and breakthroughs are discovered. Even Albert Einstein was an avid proponent of out-of-the-box thinking, stating that no real problem could be resolved within the parameters that contain it.  

The ability to think outside of the parameters (i.e. box) imposed by one's family, community, society, profession, culture, or value system, is a critical mindset and skill possessed by all great leaders, inventors, visionaries, artists, and pioneers.  
Out-of-the-box thinking leverages time, money, people, resources, and technology, so that the desired outcomes, and  ultimate success of the ones endeavor's are expanded, accelerated, and elevated. 

Smart Japanese farmers force their
watermelons to grow in a square shape,
so that they ship easier, and fit better
on refrigerator shelves

In this mind bending course,  I will share research, tools, and techniques that will enable you to apply expansive thinking, and paradoxical processing, to the most critical areas of your life and business.

One of the inherent challenges of moving outside the parameters of perception, is that in order to really get outside the box, you have to "be outside the box".  A dilemma akin to attempting the conscious awareness of being asleep.  

In order to overcome this obstacle, I will utilize a proprietary hypnotic technique, to move you beyond outside your box. From this place of consciousness, you will have greater access to the out-of-the-box zone of heightened creativity.

As the group participants become proficient at entering this state of heightened awareness, we will explore further out-of the-box strategies for various projects and purposes.

Participants of this course will  acquire the tools, the training, the mindset, and the mindware, for optimal performance in all areas of life.

Here are some of the topics to be addressed:
1) The difference between a thought directed mind, and a mind directed thought, and how to use this distinction to your advantage.

2) Multiple positions, levels, and layers of perception.  This information will allow you to have many choices for influencing your personal and interpersonal relations.

3) Accessing and tapping the Infinite Mind for direct access to universal intelligence

4) How to apply the lessons learned in each session, to your daily personal and professional life challenges.

5) How to focus your mind on what matters, eliminate distracting thoughts, and achieve important changes with greater ease

6) How to connect with your spirit form, and have it guide you toward your optimal physical form.

7) How to center, connect, release, refresh, and reset your mind.

The principles, theories, techniques, and philosophy, to be shared are drawn from over three years of intensive research.  You will find the material presented to be provocative, yet grounded in science history, logic, and intuition.   You will be exposed to "sacred" principles and a body of knowledge that will open your eyes, warm your heart, and expand your ability to have what you want. and want what you get!

This course will utilize my distance learning technology termed "Telenosis", to instill generative learning and thinking within the mind of the course participants.   It will involve 8, 2hour sessions where I will use hypnotic well as other processes, to address each individual's issue.  

I will also present information that I call "Advanced Intelligence". This pungent material is not for the feeble minded, and will be so stimulating; you might need a few shots of your favorite relaxing beverage in order to sleep thereafter.

These will be a just a few of the topics to be covered:

1. The Precise Formula for defining and delineating creative thought and intellectual property- this sets a framework for original thought and ideas to be more securely shared, advanced, and evolved

2. Shape shifting : The perceptual training skills that heighten mental agility,  enhance E.S.P., and enable you to tap the vast resources of the Universal Mind to make changes and see results that you would not, and could not have previously imagined.

3. the Structure and Nature of Consciousness, thought, energy, matter, and manifestation. This knowledge can be used to expand, elevate and accelerate the good in your life and the lives of significant others. Some of this material will parallel   principles used by secret societies and mystery schools for power, prosperity, and immunity from the influence of others.

4. The Most Powerful Universal Ingredient, critical to any and all relationships, that when present, virtually guarantees the success, profit, and longevity of that relationship. Had I known this 10 years earlier, I would be several million dollars richer and look at least 20 years younger. This is an original, unpublished secret, that once learned, you will feel as if you found the Holy Grail, and then probably request early dismissal, so that you can fully digest the power and impact of this key concept.  (This is
not something trite like "love unconditionally or "provide unconditional funding".)

5. Multiple Ways of Being- a liberating model for managing, merging, maturing, and mastering the primary parts of your personality.

This is just some of the material I will present and download in a variety of ways, at multiple levels. My training approach is fresh, original, concentrated, expansive, potent and pervasive.

High maintenance, non-appreciative, whiner-types, may suffer sexual abnormalities resulting from participation in this course, and should therefore consult Daddy prior to their decision to attend. Others may suffer random bouts of happiness and spontaneous outbursts of laughter, as well as sudden and frequent increases in business revenue.

This package discounted in exchange for participant's agreement to provide input and feedback.  I guarantee that this course will  totally kick ass, and that the value you'll receive, will far exceed the cost of the course,  or you can come to my office and personally kick my ass!
I assure you that the "inner knowing" that prompts your purchase will be confirmed and strengthened by your time with me.

I look forward to our time together.


Don Wolfe M.A.

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To Update And Upgrade His Transformation Stew,
Adding A Rare, Valued, Substance
This Ingrediant, Is You... 

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"Ideas without Action Are Like Sex without Orgasm"

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"21 Days to the New You" Teleconference

In this program, "Twenty-One Days to the New You," Don will show you how to effortlessly alter the habits and routines that subconsciously restrict you from your success.

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After taking this course you will have installed in yourself habits and routines that naturally support you in taking the necessary steps for your desired results. Fears, anxieties, and apathy will dissolve and be replaced with clarity, congruency, and peace of mind. You'll eliminate the battle within yourself between what you should do and what you feel like doing. Wouldn't it be nice to find yourself automatically doing the things that support your success and make it easily attainable?


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