"Don goes beyond outside the box, to somehow find and create hidden profit centers, easily missed by others."

Stuart Burkow, co-author with Jay Conrad Levinson of
Guerrilla Profits

There's an old story of a boilermaker who was hired to fix a large steamship boiler system which was malfunctioning.  After listening to the engineer's description of the problem, he asked a few questions, and then went to the boiler room.  He looked at the maze of twisting pipes, heard to the thump of the boiler, listened to the hiss of the escaping steam, and then felt the pipes with his hands.  Then he reached into his overalls took out small hammer and sharply tapped a bright red valve two times.  Instantly the entire system began working perfectly.  The Boilermaker departed leaving a thankful crew, and a job well done. 
When the steamship owner later received a bill for $1000, he was outraged since the boilermaker had only been in the engine room for 15 minutes and required no new parts.  He called the boilermaker to request an itemized bill for the work done, and then later received a more detailed bill specifying the costs which stated this:

Itemized charges for services of Joe Steadman Master Boilermaker,

$1.00- tapping pipe twice with hammer,
$999.00- knowing where to tap. 
Thank you for your business!


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