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This radio show is the first of its kind.  It is the only talk show that programs you for success and prosperity. 

If you want to Get Rapid Results, in less time, with greater ease, Then you must change the self-programming that runs your life.  Now you can download the  MENTAL SOFTWARE FOR SUCCESS and the MINDWARE OF THE MASTERS directly into your subconscious mind!

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To get the maximum benefit from each Winning Edge Radio Show, you will want to experience the Ultimate Self Programming Technique. After experiencing this process, you will have learned how to reach a mental state of heightened receptivity along with a trigger phrase that will instantly bring you back to this powerful state for accelerated learning.   Toward the end of every show Don will summarize the critical ideas, programs, principles, and mindsets from each interview, and assist you in triggering your  "Ultimate Self Programming" state.  This will enable you to rapidly install the lessons that feel right for you, so that you can effortlessly think, feel, and act differently, thus creating desired results in your life.   

Are you ready for the Ultimate Self Programming Technique? 

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The show that Programs You for Health, Wealth,  and Happiness.  Learn and integrate the keys to Wealth and Success. Talk with Fortune 500 CEO's, Best-selling Authors, Athletes, and Celebrities.  Hear their success secrets.  Listen for one hour each week and "Leverage Your Life."

Hosted by DON WOLFE, M.A. Motivational Speaker, Master Hypnotist, Corporate Trainer, CEO Consultant, and Mindset Tuner.   More About Don

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